Beautiful / Handsome

by Vulture Shit




released June 16, 2016



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Vulture Shit Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn band. Often loud.

Vox: Randy Vandal
Drums: Mike D.
Bass: Mike B.

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Track Name: You Look So Beautiful (on Your Special Day)
A picture's worth a thousand vows
Look at that beautiful beaming bride
Happy families make the best subjects

Everybody say David and Elise
Haha, that's just right

You look so beautiful today
You are so happy

Uh-oh, Grandpa's on the dancefloor
doing the Electric Slide
You'd never guess he's eighty-five
All the cousins from out of town
Show me that big family smile

You look so beautiful today
You are so happy

You'll never feel
You'll never feel this way again
You'll never feel happy again in your entire life
So you'd better take a
Better take a picture
So you can remember
You can remember that you have to
Smile, everybody!

Oh yeah that's so great, look at that happy couple, you're gonna feel great you're gonna be happy forever I can tell, haha
Track Name: Just Because I’m Handsome
I'm a fashion ambassador
From a future I've already built
I'm surrounded by slobs and by losers, I can't stand to look at them, I'm gonna quit

Too close to the situation
I'm taking a vacation
Just because I'm handsome
Just because I'm handsome

I'm gonna go to Aruba
Get away for a while
Lie on the beach sunny bodies of wealthy people all there is for miles

Too close...

I look so good